J/88- The Family Weekending Speedster

J/88 was introduced in July 2013 and its popularity has grown dramatically ever since.  Today, over 75 J/88s are already sailing in seven countries on three continents.  Here's a selection of sailing videos that feature J/88s sailing in venues around the world as well as educational J/88 instruction videos.

J/88 Sailing Videos*  * Please Click Links for Videos
J/88 Sailing Demo- Rich Stearns J/88 Insails.com First Sail
J/88 Downwind- Narragansett Bay J/88 Insails.com- Training & Testing Day
J/88 Boat Reviews*  
J/88 Yachting World Test- Matt Sheahan J/88 Sailboat Test- boats.com- John Burnham
J/88 Tour- by The Hull Story J/88 SAIL Magazine Test
J/88 Instructional Videos*  * Click Links for Videos
J/88 Sail Testing I- North Sails J/88 Downwind Gybe
J/88 Sail Testing II- North Sails J/88 Key West "Dog Party" Interview- Terry McKenna